During last weekend’s Fifth annual Budget Marina Wahoo Tournament a fishing vessel named “Fast Forward” from Nevis had to be rescued after it began taking on water during its trip back from fishing tournament.
After receiving the distress call from Tournament committee officials, the St.Maarten Sea Rescue foundation responded immediately and managed to provide assistance to the vessel before sun set, 28 miles southwest of St.Maarten.

The boat and its fishing crew returned on tow by the Sea Rescue around 8pm that evening to a party atmosphere at Bobby’s Marina where the fishermen were welcomed home by fellow participating boats and spectators’ at the event.

Being totally withdrawn from the fishing tournament the crew of Fast Forward worked swiftly to getting assistance to fix / salvage their vessel and engines after nearly sinking on Saba Bank.

After the fishing tournament concluded, 4 of the 6 fishermen aboard Fast Forward got a ride back to Nevis with fellow competitors ‘’Black Fin and “ Miss Bluegrass’’ but due to weigh and passenger restrictions 2 of the crew where left behind, also with no money.

Having learnt of the situation, the “Yellow Wip “ crew fresh off a second place winning catch in the fishing tournament , whose captained by Laurent Petit, donated their their then sponsored prize Windward Island Airways (two round trip tickets) where granted to the stranded fishermen.

Team Fast Forward where really grateful for the assistance and hospitality shown to them here in St.Maarten, and promised to return for Next Year’s event to recapture their crown once obtained in 2009; said Captain Chilly of Fast Forward.

‘’People sometimes forget the importance of the St.Maarten Sea Rescue Foundation and what it means to our boating community, we are very grateful to have them assist and will continue to support them in whatever way possible, said SSFF president Sergio Hodge

The St.Maarten Sportfishing Foundation thanked them for the effortless assistance and donated an undisclosed amount of cash to the Sea Rescue Foundation as a token of their appreciation.
St.Maarten Sportfishing Foundation also donated fresh fish caught during the event to both the St.Maarten Medical Center and the St.Maarten’s Home in St.Johns.

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